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How much does it cost to produce a figure?

There are many variables that determine cost.  Whether you require more than one headsculpt, how many articles of clothing (and whether they will need to be custom designed), what kind and how many accessories are desired, how quickly the figure will need to be made, how soon the photo deliverables need to be ready, etc.  As all of these factors can complicate the project, add'l staff and overtime hours may drive cost up.  But, as a starting point, be prepared with a budget of $10K for basic figure/head development, and $10K for basic photo stills.

If all I need are photographic stills, does the figure go into mass production?

No, which would keep costs to a minimum.


Will I own all rights to the photos delivered?

To the reproduction and exploitation rights of the photos delivered, yes.  But the underlying action figure remains a work of art, the rights for which will need to be licensed.

How much does it cost to mass produce a run of figures?

Typically, a minimum 500-piece run, including all elements of product packaging and outer shipping cartons, will cost $40K to $70K, all in, depending on the complexity of the figure.  With a per unit cost of $80 to $140 per deluxe, boxed figure, and a suggested retail of $349, there is plenty of margin for profits.


How long does it take to mass produce figures?

Please allow a minimum of nine months, AFTER initial prototyping and design has been approved.